Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Passion My Reason

I'm a Mum of four beautiful children, two girls aged 11 and 9 and two boys aged 6 and 4. I am also a fully qualified jewellery with over 20 years experience. Back in 2006 when our son was born our world was turned upside down. He was born with a rare heart disease and you can read more of his story on my blog Dane's Journey & Mine too.

Through this experience I never felt so much pain, heartbreak and isolation from my baby. But after Dane's last open heart surgery in 2008 I developed a range of jewellery that give parent something to hold onto, quiet literally. Here is a clip of my passion- fingerprint jewellery and my reason behind it.

I'm going to tell you more about my passion and Reason but right now I have a sleeping little man on me and that's making typing almost impossible.
So good night all, Liv

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