Friday, October 8, 2010

BrisStyle Mother & Child

Just a very quick note. I had my jewellery featured on the BrisStyle Blog. I feel so honoured to be included into this amazing group crafty people. I am so looking forward to tomorrow. Will take lots of photos for my next blog

Luv Liv

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Going Pink!

On Saturday is the market that I'm really excited about it the BrisStyle Mother & Child Market on Racecourse Rd, Hamilton and they are also fundraising for the Mater Hospital's 'Pink Chicks'.

I have been busy building on my "Inspirational Jewellery" Collection which fits in very well with the Breast Cancer. When my son was critical ill, words became a powerful thing for me. Not words people say to you but the ones that were around me. I alway seem to land my gaze on a word that I could draw strength on. I think for everyone there are words that mean something.

Forever Inspired By Liv will be donating 10% of sales from the 'Inspirational Jewellery" to Mater Hospitals 'Pink Chicks'

Luv Liv

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Spring Time

I love this time of the year. The last 2 weeks of September the kids had school holidays. Which means sleep ins and no school schedule. We visited my parents down in Stanthorpe. I love Stanthorpe in the Spring because unlike Brisbane there is a real sense of season. All the flowers come alive.

The flowers in my parents garden always remind me of something mythical. I half expect to see fairies dancing through the flowers. We found a ground orchid that grows on their land but is hard to see and not very common. It's flowers like this that I find so fascinating and unique, a true gem.Spring also give you a sense of renewed energy and hope. Bring on the rest of the year!

Luv Liv

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inspirational Words

The other day I was playing around in the workshop and I just love my letter stamps. I felt it a shame that the only thing that I use them for is writing names on pendants, important as that is. When my son was so very ill something that I did draw strength on was the power of words. It didn't have to be anything complicated, just a word, anything that was relevant for that moment like Hope. Something I struggled with.....
I had some silver already rolled out in a strip so I simply wrote the word Hope and after that I just looked at it and thought how great it would look on as a pendant but didn't want to take away for the simpleness of a word. So I cut the length off a little longer then the word and twisted it and drill a hole in it.
It wasn't till I added other words that I realized by adding in a simple twist I created a design that was a simple as one word but sat as beautiful as a group of words and could mean so much.

Luv Liv

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busy Days

Well the last couple of months I have been so busy, hence the lack of blogs. Sorry! I sent alot of time learning how to promote my business in the world of multi-media. Also I have started up in the markets again. I have learnt there are markets and there are MARKETS, and the differences can be huge usually starting with the fees. But with the fees come a whole new level of quality. I have start at the Boutique Markets at Hamilton, Brisbane. They are on the second Sunday of each month. My first one was on the 8th of August and my stall was well received. I so excited about my future there.

There is my stall

I have also joined the BrisStyle group , which is a group of like-minded creative group of people who all have Etsy sites like mine. My membership was just approved today and already found out so much information, like the Etsy Widget up in the right hand corner of this page.

I have also come up with some new designs which are now on the website. My favourite and very popular (have sold several in the first couple of days) is this one:

Check out my website- Forever Inspired to see all the styles available. I have been doing print pendants for a charity in America called 'Remembering Our Children' run by the inspirational Peggy Collins. I have been amazed by the people that I have meet.

I also had the privilege of doing the fingerprints of a small boy dying of cancer. A charity paid for the parents pendants to be made and it made me think about the children born with CHD. There is no service like this available to them, so I contacted Heartkids Qld and discussed providing that service. I have contacted a couple of other keepsake companies to see if they would like to come on board and some are sending information to me. So that has become another project. to find out how much money would need to raise a year to make that service available for free for parent that lose children to heart disease.

So Busy, Busy, Busy!

Take care and make sure that your love one's know that you love them.

Luv Liv

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Passion My Reason

I'm a Mum of four beautiful children, two girls aged 11 and 9 and two boys aged 6 and 4. I am also a fully qualified jewellery with over 20 years experience. Back in 2006 when our son was born our world was turned upside down. He was born with a rare heart disease and you can read more of his story on my blog Dane's Journey & Mine too.

Through this experience I never felt so much pain, heartbreak and isolation from my baby. But after Dane's last open heart surgery in 2008 I developed a range of jewellery that give parent something to hold onto, quiet literally. Here is a clip of my passion- fingerprint jewellery and my reason behind it.

I'm going to tell you more about my passion and Reason but right now I have a sleeping little man on me and that's making typing almost impossible.
So good night all, Liv