Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busy Days

Well the last couple of months I have been so busy, hence the lack of blogs. Sorry! I sent alot of time learning how to promote my business in the world of multi-media. Also I have started up in the markets again. I have learnt there are markets and there are MARKETS, and the differences can be huge usually starting with the fees. But with the fees come a whole new level of quality. I have start at the Boutique Markets at Hamilton, Brisbane. They are on the second Sunday of each month. My first one was on the 8th of August and my stall was well received. I so excited about my future there.

There is my stall

I have also joined the BrisStyle group , which is a group of like-minded creative group of people who all have Etsy sites like mine. My membership was just approved today and already found out so much information, like the Etsy Widget up in the right hand corner of this page.

I have also come up with some new designs which are now on the website. My favourite and very popular (have sold several in the first couple of days) is this one:

Check out my website- Forever Inspired to see all the styles available. I have been doing print pendants for a charity in America called 'Remembering Our Children' run by the inspirational Peggy Collins. I have been amazed by the people that I have meet.

I also had the privilege of doing the fingerprints of a small boy dying of cancer. A charity paid for the parents pendants to be made and it made me think about the children born with CHD. There is no service like this available to them, so I contacted Heartkids Qld and discussed providing that service. I have contacted a couple of other keepsake companies to see if they would like to come on board and some are sending information to me. So that has become another project. to find out how much money would need to raise a year to make that service available for free for parent that lose children to heart disease.

So Busy, Busy, Busy!

Take care and make sure that your love one's know that you love them.

Luv Liv

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