Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inspirational Words

The other day I was playing around in the workshop and I just love my letter stamps. I felt it a shame that the only thing that I use them for is writing names on pendants, important as that is. When my son was so very ill something that I did draw strength on was the power of words. It didn't have to be anything complicated, just a word, anything that was relevant for that moment like Hope. Something I struggled with.....
I had some silver already rolled out in a strip so I simply wrote the word Hope and after that I just looked at it and thought how great it would look on as a pendant but didn't want to take away for the simpleness of a word. So I cut the length off a little longer then the word and twisted it and drill a hole in it.
It wasn't till I added other words that I realized by adding in a simple twist I created a design that was a simple as one word but sat as beautiful as a group of words and could mean so much.

Luv Liv

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